Delta Force: Land Warrior

Action 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Military Shooter War Tactical Combat Shooter action

Large maps, where action is at its best

Delta Force: Land Warrior is the third tactical first-person shooter game in the Delta Force series. This game is a bit different from the previous ones, especially when it comes to the action style. The maps are enourmous, there is pretty much to explore, but I found the graphics terrible, despite they are more detailed than the first games. Well, let's skip the graphics part, because the action is more important and also the aspect which gives this game potential and appreciation from players and critics. You can shoot effectively your enemies from a distance of 1000m. You will be accompanied by your fellow soldiers to help you bring the objectives to completion. Before starting to play you are given 5 characters to choose, each having their own unique skills. An important element in the action is the camouflage, with which you can avoid dangerous situations, and this is available since you are a soldier from the elite forces, right? The missions take place in various locations such as Africa, Indonesia, Western Egypt and South America. They also vary from desserts to dense forrests. The multiplayer mode is improved and you will definitely have a more exciting experience with your friends.

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