Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Action 2002 Windows Aspyr Media Shooter War Military FPS

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A "must-have" in your collection

EA Games is one of the leaders that provides the best and the most popular third-party videogames. Its creativity and ambitions led to a rapid growth in the industry. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was released in 2002 and it's the 3rd game in the Medal of Honor series. This game impresses by multiple aspects: the dynamic and brutal atmosphere, the suspense created in every mission, that rises the adrenaline, the realistic graphics showing very well the dramatic scenes during war. Because of its popularity, even in these days it remains a consistent preference among gamers from all corners in the world. The action unfolds during the Second War and the battles take place in North Africa, Norway, Normandy, France, and much more locations will be explored in your path to assaulting the German bases. Although the game is created 10 years ago, I have to say it still looks great today. I enjoyed the fact you are allowed to explore the lands, beside solving objectives. Also the challenging aspect comes with the inteligence of the enemies, since they make your job difficult, by hiding or defending themselves. Some of the levels are kind of frustrating, since you die without noticing it, and by making just a few steps, but maybe I am just the type who gets irritated quickly, and therefor, I'll leave it to your appreciation. In conclusion, don't miss the chance to add this masterpiece to your action games collection.

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