Delta Force

Action 1998 Windows NovaLogic Shooter War Military FPS Tactical Combat Shooter action

Boots on the ground!

This is the first in a little known but reasonably long-lived series of military shooters that offer a very different experience to Battlefield and Call of Duty. This one isn't the greatest game in the world, as it has aged rather poorly, mainly due to issues with its engine and the controls, so it is far from being a must play. The game thrusts you into the boots of an elite Delta Force soldier and charges you with completing a series of challenging and arduous single player missions which aim to be at least a bit more realistic than most such games. As is usual for such things, you have a range of weapons, from pistols to submachine guns, grenades and mines, while your missions take you to a variety of exotic locales. There is also a multiplayer mode, but good luck with that, so you are pretty much stuck with the single player and this is where the game really does fall down in today's climate. Delta Force was undoubtedly impressive back in the day, but after nearly twenty years this is starting to look a little rough. The visuals aren't bad when you're looking at static screenshots but once it all starts moving, you realize the detail comes at a price, and that is that the game runs so slowly it becomes almost unplayable. The controls too are awkward and very sluggish, making missions a chore rather than truly exciting, although the weapons do handle well and there is a greater sense of realism in certain parts than is the norm. Unfortunately though, at the end of the day this just isn't much fun any more.

FPS and tactics mixed up!

For sure Delta Force was one of the most mindblowing games ever released for the PC in the late '90s. Most FPS games were more about action, but this is mostly about tactics. Make no mistake, this game is hard, but it's that kind of hard that won't put you in an "All Caps Rage". The game doesn't have a story to follow, but instead offers some stand alone missions, each with different objectives. The overall gameplay is a thing of beauty. It simulates infantry combat rather well. While in other games, you take several hits and still survive, here you take up to 3 bullets or less and die. That is quite realistic, because it makes you think before you act, just what any soldier needs to know. There are some weapons and equipment that will help you along your missions. The graphics are superb and the sound is great.

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