Depth Dwellers

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox TriSoft Shooter First Person

Good but repetitive corridor first person shooter

Depth Dwellers is your average, run of the mill first person shooter in the style of Doom, more precisely Doom 2. The similarities run amok in the game, with corridors that are sprawling, but, unfortunately too similar to one another, with sprite enemies that are mostly zombie like, and with an array of weapons that look and feel as if stolen directly from the Doom Universe. There isn't much back story to keep you enticed to play either. Yes, neither was Doom 2 story driven but it still had its moments, and if you paid attention you were offered interesting snippets of information to get your narrative nerves pulsing. Nope, Depth Dwellers is a straightforward corridor shooter, that at best manages to be ok, not broken, but it's far from being interesting enough to merit a rerun. However, if you love the simplicity of Doom like games, this one offers just enough of that to keep you playing, but it's never an experience that you'd think too captivating. After a while the mindless design of the mazes and the often repurposed tiles with only the slightest of variations will take their toll, and lose their grip on you. But, if you really want an insignificant blast from the past in a familiar FPS style, Depth Dwellers will do it, though again, not very well.

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