Doom 64

Action 1997 Windows Midway Shooter First Person

Back and ready for more

Doom is a name which should need no real introduction to anyone who's had any interest in the history of video games, and it's a remarkable testament to the game's appeal that it's still going strong today. This version is a PC version of the title which was made for the Nintendo 64 and while it's a little different from the classics we know and love, it remains a top notch and pretty hardcore shooter. This one picks up from where previous entries left off and finds our lone Space Marine hero once again facing off against hordes of demons in an effort to prevent them from taking over the universe in a tide of hellish unpleasantness. What follows is a mostly familiar offering, which is light on story but heavy on intense blasting action, but all the levels are brand new (and with four extras depending on which version you pick up), while there are numerous technical differences, such as bigger sprites, pseudo 3D, morphing environments and so on. If you are a Doom fan, then this should definitely be part of your collection, as although it's not considered canon, it remains true to the spirit of its forebears. The action comes at you as hard and fast as ever, and this is likely to prove challenging even to veterans of the series. The technical changes are welcome and the game looks pretty slick, but again with everything retaining that classic look and feel. The level design is excellent, if a little fiendish, with some cracking puzzles to enhance the action, and which makes this a fine entry in a legendary series.

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