Boulder Dash

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Rockford is the man! (or ant)

This is the original, and for many the best, installment, in a truly classic series that is still going strong today. It's got all the appeal of other industry legends like Lode Runner and Bubble Bobble, and packs an amazing amount of entertainment into a great package which deserves to be played by any serious gamer. The concept here is as simple as they come, and sees you in control of Rockford, a bold ant explorer. You must venture through an extensive series of dungeon-style levels, which are just packed with diamonds begging to be collected. Once you've got them all, the exit opens up, but this isn't as easy as it sounds, as there are also dozens of rocks and bad guys roaming around, just waiting to take your life. Digging out the dirt around the rocks causes them to fall, destroying the enemies and opening up your path, but be careful as they'll also kill you. The whole thing is played against the clock and the only real point is to rack up as many points as possible and get to the end, but this is one journey which is huge amounts of fun even without a story to back it up. Perhaps the greatest thing about Boulder Dash is the fact that you can play it almost how you like. If you just want to race through with barely a pause for thought, you can, and it's truly exciting to do so. However, if you're more cautious, you can take it slower, planning your moves and working out where the boulders will fall, but still with an eye on the clock, and this too is immensely satisfying. The visuals might look basic today, but when the gameplay is this good, it doesn't really matter, and if you haven't tried this, you should rectify things immediately.

Dig tunnels and watch out the rocks!

Boulder Dash is a funny looking puzzle game that came on the market silently, but quickly became very famous and the foundation of a series of more than 20 sequels. The objective is very simple, yet the game is very exciting since you have to figure out how to dig yourself out of this mess without getting smashed by boulders and what not and in time, at that. It is also very addictive as there a lot of puzzles to solve and you can play for hours figuring the best way to get the job done in 16 different levels. The visuals are very cure, your main character is a small fungus looking little person and the whole map is very nice but simple looking with no soundtrack and discrete game sounds. All in all, as I said, this is a small and funny puzzle game worth playing for a few hours of good fun. You won't be disappointed.

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