Disney's Dinosaur

RPG 2000 Windows UBI Soft Top down Third Person

Great fun adventure

A classic RPG puzzle based adventure is what you have here. The game is basically based on a movie with the same name and involves three different characters who will be going for this fun filled adventure. There are three characters in total which you will control in the game and all the three characters in the game have their own traits and abilities which makes them distinct from each other. You will control all three by switching them between the gameplay through a fly switch. The mission is to find a scared ground of water and food before the world fells short on the other food and water resources. The game is played from a top down view. The distinct features or moves that the characters can perform in the game are jump, Wade through water, pick up items and fit into pieces. All this stuff can be done in real time and the A1 to support the gameplay is really good. The graphics are fine and the controls are well synced. The puzzle elements in the game are very good and are high on logical values. Well you will thorough enjoy playing it. Another good classic in this category is Valhalla Classics: Episode 4 - The Tower.

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