Disney's Tarzan

Action 1999 Windows Activision Platformer 3D

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Another great Disney's adventure game

Much like the Disney's Jungle Book, Tarzan has also been a great part of my childhood. This is another great computer adaptation from the famous Disney's movie and it looks and plays fantastically. You are Tarzan and have to go to the end of the level by climbing trees, monkey swing on branches, avoid birds and other animals that mean you harm or kill them with watermelons, jump over pitfalls and collect coins and fruits that are you healing items. The game has absolutely fantastical 2D gameplay with 3D characters and from time to time Tarzan can go forward of backwards in his path instead of the usual left or right. The surroundings are absolutely stunningly detailed, beautifully designed and with depth and rich, rich colors. The game has phenomenal music and rich jungle sound effects, reminding me of Pitfall which has the similar rich sounds and music. The game is adventurous, challenging, fun and great not only for children, but for the whole family. I might just go and get it myself again after a few years :) Highly recommended!

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