Donkey Kong

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Nintendo Single screen Hop and bop

Save the princess and jump the barrels!

There's few games that can be said to have impacted the gaming industry as much as Donkey Kong; the very original was an arcade title, one that has made a fortune for Nintendo, and forever turned itn into the behemoth that the company was in the 80s and 90s, and even later on. The beauty of this game was its combination of easy to learn mechanics but hard to master execution, especially on the later levels. You controlled Mario, who could jump over barrels, climb ladders, and, when he could get his hands on a hammer, bash his enemies in the head! All in order to save Peach, his princess from the baddie Kong, a huge Gorilla that just managed to steal Peach as Mario was close by, almost in his reach. The game went on later on to be released on DOS, on all home computers and consoles and so on, and became a staple of gaming, one of the most recognizable game names ever. Trying it out is a definite must, as the history of the game was truly worthy to behold, and, certainly, worthy of having in one's collection.

The world's best arcade game

Donkey Kong is basically a love story. The evil Donkey Kong has taken your beloved up a high tower and you must climb it to get to her. Each level you will get reacquainted, and each level he snatches her again and takes her to the other level. Heartbreaking, I must say. The gameplay is extremely simple: you have to get to the top of the stairs and save your girl. But the problem is that Donkey doesn't give up so easily - he throws boulders and other obstacles that he must avoid or jump over to get to the top. While very simple and straightforward, the game is insanely addictive and with a reason is this game called the Holy Grail of arcade games. The game is extremely challenging, and when you finally finish the game, you will feel like you're on top of the world. Since the game is very old (1981), the graphics are very simple and the sound also, but that is not important at all, because, despite the age, the game is as good and addictive as any arcade game today, maybe even more. Ladies and getlemen, meet Donkey Kong, the kind of arcade games. For other classics in the world of retro arcade, go for PacMan or Galaxian.

Nintendo video game

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo video game released in 1981, it is considered by many as the holy grail of classic arcade games. Known for its extreme difficulty and its a ludicrous random factor, Donkey Kong is a challenge to the player and even getting to the end of stage one leaves you feeling like you have accomplished something. I would recommend this game strongly to anyone who likes retro gaming.

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