Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Windmill Software Platformer Single screen Hop and bop

Best the other birds!

I like Conquest type of games in many of their versions. I've played version of it where you controlled warring balloons in mid air, I've played version of it that were all about snails going at one another! Well, in this one it is all about a bunch of birds wanting to establish the pecking order! So, here's how you play the game, you control a bird by tapping a button to keep her/him in flight, you can go left or right, and up and down, depending on how much you tap. The idea, like in a Joust game is not to allow other birds to approach you from above, and to tap you. If they tap you from above they win. It feels satisfying to be able to tap other birds yourself but also to avoid taps. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with our reptilian brains telling us to keep away from high flying birds or the like (intentional Noel Gallagher plug!) Graphically the game looks pretty alright, looks pretty nice, simple, black backgrounds and a few platforms to keep things interesting and harder to approach when swiping from one side of the screen to the next. Not the most long lived experience I'm quite sure, but not without fun and merit either.

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