Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Platformer Hop and bop Epic Item collection

A remake of the Kong original

The problem with this title is that it didn't really understand what the original Kong was all about: the original Kong was not an action title, nope it was a very clear cut puzzler, that posed as a platformer or action title. In the original, a great player made use of the levels in a very specific way: he or she had to learn how to tackle each barrel, each baddy, and placement on te level was essential as well as fast interaction and fast reflexes. Thus, with the original you really were in a very specific mindset. With this one, well, you do get a bit more polished graphics, but that doesn't do anything for the gameplay. The puzzle basics, apparently are the same, but they don't feel as the originals did, they're just not as tight. So, well, you can play it, but that competitive edge that drove one to play Kong is absent. Nope, the original was polished to perfection while this one is just not as well done, it gets the basics wrong. It's also pretty hard a game, without, however, the same detailed ideas and interaction. It's also a lot shorter, so, yeah, not worth playing. See the original any day if you crave some Kong.

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