Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox Epyx Platformer Single screen Hop and bop

Tick-tock, time's up!

I've always said that with simplicity comes fun. Jumpman is a game that reminds me most of the arcade classic Donkey Kong because it has a fairly similar gameplay you have to go up and down the level, ultimately reaching the top and clearing the level. What differentiates this game from the 1983 classic is that in Jumpman, there are dozens of bombs that are scattered throughout the level and you have to defuse them by touching them. And finally the most interesting part - the challenge. You have to face deadly darts that are falling down on you so you while running to get the bombs (you're timed!) you also have to avoid these killing suckers. Needless to say, the game is mountains of fun. The gameplay is very simple to learn but very hard to master and the graphics, while very outdated, bring out rivers of nostalgia for the days that were. There is even a simple story line - these bombs were put there by aliens from Jupiter and Jumpman must defuse them to save the world. Cliche but still golden! By now, the game is more than 30 years old but is still ported to mobile phones, computer, portable players and much more. The game is still alive and kicking. Get your own copy and start playing right this instant!

Simple but great concept

Jumpman is a great investment for low tech gamers like myself. I like a challenge the game offers and have always preferred playing the levels in random order for variety and suspence. I also believe this would be a great game for children ages 7 and up, much better than some of the high tech stuff on the market today. One fond memory I have with my brother was playing the atari 2600 system and playing tanks plus and we for years played the game for hours at a time and never laughed so hard. It was simple things with simple objectives that made great and fun even for adults, who could pick up a joystick of the first time and be competitive. Jumpman offered much of those qualities because jumpman's concept while simple, offered varying challenges along the way

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