Final Doom

Action 1996 Windows id Software Shooter Aliens invasion Shooter action

Kill, kill, blood, blood

To this day, the Doom empire is legendary. What is great about this game series is that everyone figured out that it is perfect already with the first one, and all the sequels are just the same great game over and over again, with more levels and tons of fun, action and blood. Not yours, hopefully. This third game is pumped with 32 more action filled levels with the same characters, items and engine as the last two games. Again, it's you against the world, and everybody here are here to kill you and turn you into little pieces. Doom fanatics will be thrilled with more levels and more enemies, while novices won't feel left out from not playing the prequels, since absolutely nothing has changed. The game is also visually the same, with the game engine that has become a trademark in the world of action gaming. The sound effects are also unchanged, with very realistic sounds. And of course, there will be blood shed. A lot of it. So go and get your adrenaline pumped and your bloodthirst quenched in this mind blowing legendary action game. If you liked the Doom empire, check out Duke Nukem and if you're for more games with the same engine, go and give Hexen or Heretic a whirl.

No different from it predecessor

The twist of the fabled Doom 2, the concept of this game isn't different from its predecessors... Except in this gore fest you deal with harder puzzles, mass monsters, and maybe an Archvile labrynth... From what can be seen, you'll love map 32 on Plutonia Experiment, it's a nice mass. Bewarned, if you manage to get to 31, save as many times.

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