Strategy 1998 Windows Beermat Software Business

No sarcasm or irony here, this is a drug simulation game!

Dopewars is closely related to Drug Wars, a game released at the beginning of the 90s. This, let us call it clone, is a trip that was designed, coded and brought into existence by a small, one man at times, studio, just for the sake of amusement. So, even if this is a 98 released game, there is a lot that needs to be conceded if you want to explore it. One thing that you need to forget about is nice graphics. Nope, this game is pretty ugly, sporting mostly DOS looking interfaces like the utility NC, Norton Commander. But at any rate, what is most interesting about the game is the control you can expert on a little or larger network that manages drug related commerce. Yap, because the game was not released commercially, it required no special authorization, but it certainly digs deep into the trade. Not that I know how a drug operation works, but at any rate, the game manages an economic simulation where high risk drugs are at the center of it all! So, if you want a bare boned experience, be a sort of mastermind Heisenberg on your PC, take this one for a spin. It will let you down graphically, but it will put you in the mindset of a high risk drug lord, a skill most definitely worth learning about, right? Just kidding, alright, NSA?

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