Drug Wars: A Game Based on the New York Drug Market

Adventure 1984 Dos John E. Dell Text based

Become international gangster number one

What man at some point hasn't wanted to quit his nine-to-five job and take to the high stakes world of being an international drug smuggler? While the classic Drug Wars game serves as a humorous outlook on the world of drugs as international commodity with supply and demand, the make yourself a drug dealer simulator, is eerily real. The game plays as if you are in the role of a businessman/accountant who simple goal is to to turn a fistful of cash and loans into an international drug dealing empire. No real backstory or plot, just pretend as if you are a drug dealer and deal with the problems that would steer most people away from the life of crime. You get shot, arrested, cargo goes missing, supply lines fail and you can often get bad batches of drugs. I love this game, always have, but it does have a criminal feel to it, that makes it certainly a game to be appreciated by adult minds. The game reminds me of the trading game Gazillionaire on crack. A highly recommended financial simulator a little bit like Capitalism, but far more simpler in it's gameplay and the controversial drug themes actually keeps your interest for a game that could have been really boring, considering it is simply about trade and finances.

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