The Corporate Machine

Strategy 2001 Windows Take Two Interactive Business Simulation

The (much revised) sequel to Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur was quite a charming economic/business sim, pretty good, all things considered, but, certainly, things were left unpolished and many wanted a sequel. Well, it took a bit for that sequel to finally be released, as The Corporate Machine came to be presented to the public in 2001. Thus, while it maintained a 2D building frame, the 2D of the graphics was pretty modern and pretty cutting edge. This means that today, in 2014, you can play this game and expect an immediately familiar interface, a well produced game, overall, and an overwhelmingly positive game, in terms of the interactivity and the production. It is quite had to pinpoint exactly what makes this game so playable, because what it is, is the polish that sets it apart. If you've played high order tycoons or intricate sims, this one will feel both meaty as well as carefully calibrated, so as to not overwhelm you with options. Yes, some of the interactions can be automated, which is great, but you can always go down into it and tweak a small parameter as you see fit, a thing that is sure to work great as well. So, yes, all things considered, The Corporate Machine is a game that knows how to present itself totally fun and graphically and interaction wise modern. Play it!

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