Constructor 2: Mob Rule

Strategy 1999 Windows Digital Game Factory Business Building Simulation Managerial

Classy '99 RTS

Developed by Simon & Schuster and Studio 3, and released in 1999 this classy Real-Time Strategy video game consists of a mob trying to keep a decent balance in relationship with the government and the "families". The storyline is a major drawback, keeping the game from being a real classic, lacking detail, the gameplay consisting of the mob traveling from city to city accomplishing the main focus, having the fun in chunks because of the storyline lacking. You control the construction, upgrades and maintenance of your personal growing territory. You must guide the units and assign them tasks such as staffing and repairing your business, facing your neighbors in times of crysis and so on. You must tend to management chores such as paying taxes, bribing officials and monitor the overall infrastructure. The individual unit command gives the feel of a generic-like RTS game, such as Age of Empires or Command and Conquer. The graphics emit a classic feel and the level building had a nice touch. You have neat details such as water reflexions, fine textures, fine surfaces, fine shadows but the game also lacks textures on some structures. The sounds are decent, the music is not really impressive and the character voice gets repeated really quickly. Baseline is that Mob Rule is an ok sim to play and if your a classic building sims fan you might enjoy it.

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