Double-Up Draw Poker VGA

Strategy 2005 Windows Scalzi Softworks Cards

8bit looking video poker sim

Double-Up Draw Poker VGA is a satisfying video poker game, retro looking, following a kind of build that would have been a lot more homely in the early 90s. Nope, in spite of the fact that it was released in the mid 2000s, it still keeps on to the looks and values of the early 90s. But that doesn't keep it from being easily playable, very satisfying, and also, really engaging. The game is classic video poker in build; the computer offers you a set of cards. You can select to keep them, but if you want a reshuffle, you can choose to let go of a number of them, up to 3 can be discarded. When you get a Poker collection, you will get awarded points. You also get a special, which is a minigame in which you have to find what color the next card will be, black or red. You can always choose to withdraw t any point within the special, but you get more points the higher in the special you get. Loads of cool sound, loads of lights and that feeling of arcade machine is well captured by Double-Up Draw Poker VGA, so, it is sure playable. Similarly, BVS Video Poker is also a dedicated video poker game, so have that one in your collection if you love this brand of poker games.

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