Eddie Kantar's Bridge Companion

Strategy 1994 Dos Lifestyle Software Cards

Well executed Bridge (and Bridge versions) tutorial suite

While you can use Eddie Kantar's Bridge Companion to play Bridge (and also, play four of its different bid system versions), you can be sure that you can teach yourself a mean hand of Bridge (!) solely by playing this, well, educational tool. It's great because it can be used to enhance your understanding of the game, it can be used to teach yourself basic concepts and it can be used to practice, at times even very specific game conditions. Yes, Bridge is pretty elaborate a card game, and many have given it up in favor of less strenuous games just because it can be hard to remember how to play. What I can tell you from experience is that people that play regular are pretty anal about the rule set, so if you plan to keep your skills sharp, you need to play the game, keep it fresh in your memory. And this bundle will offer you exactly that opportunity, plus great tutorial material for specific situations and each version and stage of the game. Not very polished graphically but palatable. And, besides, you don't really need so much graphical oomph from a game such as this. You just want it to work properly, which is something that this one does very well. For Chess, a lite tutorial suite in the same vein is Ashley Teaches Chess, for those times when you want a no bull digital chess tutor that won't scold you.

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