Strategy 1983 Dos Transworld System Cards

Card game, pretty interesting

El Truco is a Spanish card game, with its own collection of cards; it's got a pretty interesting and familiar production and it also has a well done, well produced top down, 2D interface. The game is a math one at its core; each card has a certain value. You get three cards with each hand of the game. You have to counter the AI by managing to put up a higher value collection of cards, but, at the same time, while the cards on the table that you put up have to be of higher value, you have to be prepared for the next card, so you have to consider which cards you play each round, and in what order. Going with all the higher value cards from the beginning, you will have issues later on in the game. So, it's a balancing act from the beginning, trying to have a long lasting strategy, for the entire game. It's well done, but be weary, the game's rules are explained in Spanish only; you can approximate the exact rules without issues, though, by just playing a few rounds. So, if you like card games, and want to try a Spanish one, have a go at this one too. It's interesting, especially for those that love math based and counting card games. So, look into it, it won't disappoint. Else download JubMoo , a pretty decent, Catch the Pig card game, this time an English game.

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