Driver's Education '98

Puzzle 1998 Windows Sierra On-Line Education

A mus try for those who want to learn driving

The developers of this game were so confident about it that they gave a money back guarantee to those who fail to pass their driving test after going through the complete game. Yes the game is an education game which will make you learn all the rules and regulations of driving along with how to take the precautionary and safer measures on the road. It will make you learn how to recognize the symbols that are there in the streets and what to do in case of a specific symbol or signal. You will be taking different driving test in the game with your instructor name Ed who will guide and encourage you through all of this. The training lessons in the game are in 3D which will make this education a lot more fun. Your instructor is very talkative and will keep you interested all the time. Not only you have to follow the conventional rules to earn the points but will also have to follow the precautionary measures. The virtual cars in the game are very fun to drive because the gameplay and the graphics are excellent. So it's a great merger of fun and education.

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