Slater & Charlie Go Camping

Puzzle 1993 Dos Sierra On-Line Education

Two dinosaurs on a camping trip; edutainment!

In Slater & Charlie Go Camping, as the name suggests, two palls are going on a camping trip. However, these two are no more no less than dinosaurs, because even reptilians sometimes need a break from their early and huge in size reptilian society. And so, with that in mind Slater & Charlie Go Camping is a nice edutainment game, delivered as an adventure, and bent on teaching you a few things about Paleolithic times, but mostly, to acquaint very young children with nature sounds and with certain animations. Yes, this title, which, by the way, looks astoundingly nice, is great for pre-schoolers and other small children, or, by that token, for anyone that still has love for beautiful animations, sounds, and likes to dabble with hotspot finding adventure puzzles. Yes, indeed, in this game there isn't a lot of highly advanced educational value, but, this game can be very interesting and very relaxing, which is valuable all in itself as well. Also, Slater & Charlie Go Camping is delivered as an animated book, like Living Books, so that too might entice you to give it a try.

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