Mario Teaches Typing 2

Puzzle 1997 Windows Interplay Education Typing or writing

Cool edutainment game bent on improving your typing!

Mario has been involved in a lot of adventuring and in a lot of shenanigans. It all started back in the early 80s and the character was since then the hero or the supporting character in many different games. But, in this second game in a typing class type game, Mario will teach you to type, improving your accuracy, the speed with which you find the keys on your keyboard, and, for those advanced enough, will walk you through typing without checking your keyboard. So, why would you want to be taught how to type by Mario, you ask?! Well, because while the premise might seem like a big goof, the actual game/edutainment is quite well thought out, with classes that will improve your dexterity, your response time to keying your keyboard, and all of this done in a very playful, engaging manner. Yap, this title may be funny looking but it means business. Also it improved the mechanics of the minigames quite a bit, taking the first title a step forward into the realm of games that can truly make a difference in your everyday keyboard mediated tasks. Give it a go, it's very lightweight and as I mentioned a breeze to sink into.

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