Dungeons of Kroz

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Third Person Puzzle based

Second in the Kroz trilogy; exit each level!

Dungeons of Kroz is a text input based adventure/action/puzzler game, where you have to explore and survive the catacombs in which you find yourself trapped. It's an ASCII game, where you can see yourself in every level as a smiley face character. The baddies are other NPCs, generally tinged in red, while the good stuff is most of the time in green or in blue. At any rate, you can fight the baddies, you can shoot or melee engage them, but at times you have to avoid them by stering away from them. Each level offers you a one screen dungeon, with the walls in brown, and the exit at some point. You have to first collect the green pellets or/and the keys and only then you can exit to the level. With each level, new challenges arise, and the game can be quite hard later on, when the hordes of creatures swarm around you and don't give you a moment to breath. Download also Kingdom of Kroz, similar to this one, the first in the series, and a bit less sprawling as this second title, but definitely worth playing, still.

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