Inspector Gadget

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Azeroth Third Person Cartoon Puzzle based Education

A children oriented adventure, Inspector Gadget centered!

Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror! Is a cool modern adventure game, built around the episodic animation series featuring Inspector gadget. As expected, this game too is built like one of the episodes of the game, with the evil arch nemesis of the crew looking to do some bad things, managing to get his plan down up to a point, point at which you and the crew intervene. A load of the puzzles are centered around Gadget's huge list of items he has stored in his cardigan! Thus, you can fly, pop out extensible hands, and so on. But, at times using your wits will prove much better overall, for when you are looking to solve a mystery. So, overall, Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror! Will give you the kind of experience you want, with loads of action and puzzles, and just a few instances where you feel like the story is genuinely interesting. But for the animated series fans, Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 - Global Terror! will surely feel like the right kind of game. A good alternative is the 92 Inspector Gadget, which is very similar, and graphically is on par with this one.

The first adventure mission of Gadget and his trusty sidekicks

There are a few issues here and therein this game. But, you have to recognize that the joy and love that the cartoon character amassed was not for nothing, something that the game manages to channel to a degree. At any rate, along with Penny, his niece, the world, once again has to be saved from Doctor Claw's world taking scheme. As it was portrayed in the cartoon series, Gadget can turn to be more of a threat to himself than help the situation, and most of the time it will be a combination of his actions with Penny's insights and aid that will help save the day. Thus, the writing and the drawing work together to catch your attention and the jack of all trades nature of Gadget plus the smart, precocious commentary of Penny will help you to prevail. Anyway, in terms of atmosphere Hariboy's Quest is quite similar to this game and you'll find it as interesting as Inspector Gadget, so do give it a try after finishing this one adventure here. It's filled with intense laughter, action and the dimwitted humor that Gadget has always portrayed in the cartoon series.

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