Kingdom of Kroz I

Adventure 1988 Dos Dosbox Apogee Third Person Puzzle based

The original and best?

This is the original game in the long running and much loved series of ASCII-based adventures that continued with the likes of Dungeons of Kroz and Caverns of Kroz. This one laid down much of what would come to define the series and if any criticisms of the games are to be made, it's that they didn't really evolve much from this one. If you've never seen or played any entries in this franchise, this is a good one to start with and which provides a lot of Rogue or Hack-style fun. The basic goal is to explore a series of single-screen dungeons which are packed with monsters, traps and gold. You just have to get to the exit of each level, while grabbing as much loot as possible, slaying the beasts and figuring out the cunning puzzles while on the move. As with other early adventures like this, the whole thing is done with an ASCII visual style, with all the monsters and items being represented by symbols, and which, depending on your perspective, either gives the game a lot of personality or looks unbelievably crude. If you like your adventures simple and resolutely old-school, this is an absolute treat. It's an undeniably tough game and your first few attempts are likely to end in swift death, which can prove offputting, but if you persevere, the game's hidden depths are revealed. There really is a lot of depth to both the combat, which requires constant grabbing of jewels to keep your health up, and the puzzles and traps which are cunning and clever, so all in all, this is bold and enjoyable stuff.

Kroz 1

Kingdom of Kroz 1 would be a good game if it weren't so ridiculous in some levels. The level 2 and 4 are completely insane and are almost impossible to pass through, unless you have the patient to try your luck hundreads of times! I just can't played and I eve didn't seen anyone playing it passing through the 4th level. I don't recommend it. But otherwise the game is good so if you want to insist try the Kingdom of Kroz 2, witch is like a remake of the 1st.

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