Return to Kroz

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Another adventure in Kroz

The Kroz series of dungeon crawlers is perhaps one of the most extensive in gaming history, with umpteen titles from Kingdom of Kroz to Lost Adventures of Kroz. They are all pretty much the same in terms of gameplay, simply becoming progressively more vicious and challenging as the series develops, while adding in a few new touches to keep things from going completely stale. In case you've never played one before, they largely follow the formula of being single screen adventures where you have to run around grabbing gems, whipping monsters and bashing your way through rock walls, all the while trying to locate switches, treasure and keys. The ultimate aim is simply to get out alive and the games play out like a primitive version of classic shooters like Gauntlet. This one is very much the same as the other titles, with an overhead view of the dungeons and which are populated by basic ASCII-style representations of the various beasties and environments. If you do enjoy things like Rogue and Hack, or just get off on tricky games, then this one will be right up your alley. It starts out difficult and gets more so, with even getting through the first couple of levels being pretty challenging for the average gamer. It's easy to get put off by the frequency with which death occurs but if you persevere, then a good time can be had while exploring Kroz. The action is fast and furious (perhaps too fast and too furious) and it does get the adrenaline going. The visuals are obviously as basic as they come, and the series hasn't really advanced much, but this is still enjoyable stuff.

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