DX Ball 2

Arcade 1999 Windows Longbow Digital Arts Arkanoid style Single screen Casual

A classic arcade game to play

Videogames passionate must know DX Ball series. Here is the second DX Ball, an arcade game that acquired a lot of fans all over the world thanks to the originality and the fun gameplay. For those who have not played the original version, the game involves a paddle which is at the bottom of the screen and can be moved back and forth. All you need to do is to move this handle to hit the ball as it comes down so it goes back above and strikes through the brick arrangements. When you break all the bricks within the provided chances, then the stage is complete and you advance on to the next level. However they have added many improvement in this version in which the first one is the smooth and textured backgrounds and graphics which are quite appealing. The second upgrade is the destruction element as the bricks are now explosive as the ball hits them. New power ups have also been added which includes weapons, laser guns, fireballs, large balls, tiny balls and a lot more. There are around 160 stages in the game and all of them have different patterns to them. The controls for handling the paddle are very smooth and responsive and the game is sheer addictiveness. The original DX Ball has the same degree of fun but this one is a bit better.

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