Arcade 1996 Dos S.A.R.L. TLK Games Arkanoid style Single screen

An addictive game overall

If you really love to play games with pong style, then this one is surely for you. It a great reincarnation of Pong where you have a racket to hit the balls which will in turn hit and destroy the bricks. The controls are smooth and the racket can be easily driven using the keyboard or even with the mouse. The graphics, the sound effects and the music in this clone are better than Pong. You have multiple levels to play with, six distinct rackets and a great level editor which allows you to add different details to a level. Surprises have also been placed in the game as you get to counter aliens in different levels who come for shooting you. When you are done destroying all the bricks that are present in one level, you get to move on to the next one and so on. What I liked most while playing this game is that it has a lot of variety which won't let you bore doing the same hitting and destroying thing again and again. Pong also continues to remain an addictive game in this genre and should definitely be tried.

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