Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox Spectrum Holobyte Arkanoid style Single screen

Claasic arcade style action game

When it's about paddle and ball games in the arcade gaming category, this game is surely up there with the very best. It has a great 2 player mode which is really fun to play and the graphics which boosts around 2000 animation frames are simply smooth and fantastic for all standards. 130 game levels have been incorporated in it and this really makes it a diverse entertainment package for all. All you are required to do is to bounce your ball onto to your paddle to explode or destroy the blocks which will in turn unleash owner ups, gems and bombs. You will have to make the screen clear for advancing on to the new level. At the bonus level stage, it will turn into a very cool and vertical mini shooter game where you will need to shoot and destroy the rocks that will pop down from the sky. A level designer has also been given for customizing and designing your own levels. The crystal that you will collect will enable you to earn money through which can buy different weapons and armory at the weapons shop. You will get to witness some explosive action with this one and with the great graphics that it has, your fun will increase manifolds.

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