Cyber Sphere

Arcade 1996 Windows Psycon Software Arkanoid style

Standard Arkanoid clone

The original ball bashing arcade game of Breakout is the clear inspiration for Cyber Sphere (and its sequel CyberSphere Plus) with other games like the almost as famous Arkanoid (and Arkanoid 2) also having a major influence. For those unaware of this type of game, they form a genre of their own which involves smacking a ball against a series of bricks with the intention of getting rid of them all in order to advance to the next level. Mixing things up are the wide range of level designs with plenty of different types of block and which might require multiple hits to destroy them or which might even be invisible. A number of power-ups are also available and which include the obligatory multi-ball and the ability to hold the ball to allow you to target a specific area. There's not much else to the game than knocking out bricks, but like others in the genre it is strangely addictive. However, Cyber Sphere ranks somewhere in the middle of the list as it lacks the appeal of the best, like Arkanoid 2. Firstly, this doesn't really do anything new with the idea and is simply a standard retread of what has gone before. While visually slightly better than the original Arkanoid it is certainly not as pretty as the sequel but a greater problem is the game's speed. The action never really gets as fast as it should, thanks to the slow ball movement and which takes away from the insanity and challenge of the best such games, turning what should be a frenetic experience into an overly leisurely one. The finest example of the genre remains Arkanoid 2 and there is little reason to play Cyber Sphere when that is also available unless you are a diehard fan. The little known Batty is also worth a look, mainly because of its two-player mode.

Yet another alright Breakout clone

The best thing about this game is that it only takes about 46KB, in all, and with the least amount of tweaking, you can get it to run on a tablet fit with DosBox without no issues. However, if you were looking for a smarter, faster, meaner version of Breakout you will not have a very good surprise coming from this one game. Because, at the most, this one can barely offer you a straight challenge. It's, thankfully, working properly, and the controls are quite simple and direct, however, the levels are not at all as smart or as diverse even as the old Breakout was. Therefore, while playability is alright, you can't say that this game offers you anything out of the ordinary. Not even the powerups aren't any more different than vanilla Breakout: you've got your lengthening and shortening of your palette, you've got multiple pellets and you've got the occasional powerup that gives you a gun to shoot bricks directly. All set in a bland 2D world, with just a few levels accessible directly. Yes, Cybersphere is a shareware title, and you'll have quite a hard time, if at all possible to find the full version if it.

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