Adventure 1988 Dos PC-SIG Text based

Fascinating old-school RPG

Eamon is actually something of an historically important game, so if you consider yourself a collector of true gaming memorabilia, then this should be on your list of titles to play. It's one of the first RPGs that featured a construction set and while what's on offer here is understandably basic, it's undeniably fascinating as an excursion into the past. Before you get to the construction set, there's a pretty straightforward adventure to enjoy first, and which starts out with you doing the usual things, such as creating a character and then loading them up with weapons and equipment, including armour and spells. Your character also has three stats, which are selected randomly but which affect the game in some surprisingly deep ways. For example, your Charisma affects the price you pay for goods in shops. Once you get into the game properly, you'll find that it's entirely text-based and requires you to type in commands to move, fight and so on. You can however include graphics in the construction set but don't get too excited about this. The game lacks a save function so be prepared to die a lot and then start all over again but if you're ready for this, then there is a strangely compelling adventure to be had here. It's lacking in sophistication and real depth but if you bring your imagination, the questing gets both intense and enjoyable. If you're played and enjoyed text adventures like The Mist or rogue-likes such as Hack or even the Kroz series, then the same kind of entertainment is to be found here, so check it out if you're a fan of the aforementioned titles.

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