Stephen King's The Mist

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Horror

Get lost in S. King fiction, text adventure style!

Stephen King managed to become a much respected, loved and actually read writer, though a lot of people wanted to talk him out of a career in writing. But, his love for the form preceded and he soon (and by soon I mean a good couple of years!) began to be successful. So much so that his writings, novels and stories began to find themselves retold as games, as pictures and even as board games. Well, Stephen King's The Mist, as the name suggests is a retelling of his short story in interactive, text based form. I guess, actually reading the piece, which shouldn't too much time will give you an inside into the adventure, so, do give it a search online, but don't expect the game to follow the story very closely. Though, sure, it does not betray the story, but then again, on order to make it more interesting there had to be some alterations made, though nothing substantial. The puzzles that are included mostly make sense in the larger scope of the story, but don't expect them not to pop out, they will. I for once loved it. So, if you like such darker, mystery endowed games, see The Lurking Horror which is a lot more titled towards horror but a fun playthrough as well.

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