Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror

Adventure 1989 Dos David Jewett Text based

Text based adventures with ASCII maps

In Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror you will experience a horror story in the making, delivered via text, however, to aid you in your exploration of the murky lands of this game's world, when you prompt, say, a command to move a certain direction, you can see your one letter representative player on the map move that way. It could have been easier if the game had directional keys controls directly included, but, well, it's sure better than nothing, given that the game allows you to know where you are in space. Other than that most of the puzzles and the dialogues are all classic for text based, so don't look too carefully at the maps, expect for relative coordinates. The puzzles rarely if ever have any visual portion that is to be seen on this map layout, so for most of the time you can ignore it. Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror is also a murder mystery and a noir text adventure at the same time, set in the 18thcentury, with your ultimate goal being that of finding a meaty treasure. So, download it if you like treasure hunt games, and additionally download Nécromancien too, if you like dark, turn of the century themed adventure games.

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