The Complete Kroz Series

Adventure 1988 Dos Softdisk Publishing Myth and legend Text based

Good job with this hybrid series

The developer has synced three genres in one and has coded the complete series at one platform to give you a great variety of action, puzzle and adventure. The depth in terms of the gameplay is very pleasing because you will get some very good level designs that are not repetitive at all and that have many surprise elements and hidden objects. The adventure element in the series has been made attractive through the amazing graphics that is has. These graphics add a good amount of vibrancy to the whole set up and you have some very tough puzzles to counter. So the series is a sprinkle of action with adventure and is heated up through some fine puzzles to provide you a very diverse experience all the way. A very good aspect about the game is the two levels of side scrolling which are very fun to play and keeps you interested for hours and hours. The multiplayer mode is also great and works fine. The controls and the UI interface work in unison to make you understand the game effectively. The whole series is a diverse panorama of gaming and sets you on a joyous ride. The adventure is very much like Alice in Wonderland.

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