Imperial Glory

Strategy 2005 Windows Eidos Real time Alternate History War Historical

Impressive and exciting strategy game

Imperial Glory is another historical real-time tactics game which, although similar to classics like the Total War series, manages to combine impressive levels of strategy, a gripping campaign and fast-paced battles to create a strong and exciting experience. Set in Napoleonic times, Imperial Glory allows players to choose between a number of empires, including Great Britain, Russia and France, and then sets them the task of conquering Europe. This is achieved through a mixture of diplomacy, trading and outright war but unlike other similar games from the time, Imperial Glory allows both land and naval battles to be fought, which adds a little something extra to the appeal. The open-ended nature of the game means that it is possible to win solely through the use of diplomacy but for most players combat will be a far more enjoyable solution. As usual, a number of military units are available, and although these are the same no matter which empire you choose, several specialist units become available when certain areas come under your control and which help add flavour and variety to your tactics. Battles play out in a near identical fashion to Total War, with a similar interface but at a far higher pace, something which lends Imperial Glory the edge in terms of excitement. However, in other aspects it falls slightly short of the benchmark, with AI which is merely competent and units which are lacking in variety and distinctiveness. Apart from these minor criticisms though, Imperial Glory is a flexible, deep and graphically impressive strategy game.

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