UFO: Afterlight

Strategy 2007 Windows 1C Company Galactic War Real time Indie Sci fi

The third in the modern series of X Com revamps

The X Com games really were revolutionary for their time period. They were smart tactical games, from very close to the ground, from a third person perspective; the kind of games were you also managed an economical and developmental simulation, on top of battling foes from space and from the deep (sic!). This third in the rehashed new series is of course a 3D game, a fancy looking, top down game, where you also can spend eons just fiddling with your characters' equipment and party make up, and where you also are under pressure. Yeah, in the first two games you kind of managed to put the aliens on their knees, but, well, truth is that they were quite resilient. So there's more of them in this title, and you have to keep the fight going. But not on Earth, nope, On Mars. As such, you are under some other type of pressure, as you'll need to consider expanding your habitable zone, make sure you grow food as you need it, make sure that you progress technologically as you need to and furthermore, just make sure you survive in this hostile environment. Robots, Martians and all sort of other threats are cornering you at all times, so it's a hard game still, but definitely a more original one in this new series. I kind of liked it.

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