Strategy 2004 Windows 1C Company Galactic War Real time Real time strategy Sci fi

Solid but no game-changer

On its initial release, Perimeter made the bold claim that it was reinventing the real-time strategy genre, a style of game typified by the likes of Command & Conquer and Dune. While it certainly does a good job of giving fans what they want, it doesn't quite live up that initial lofty statement, although really, it was never likely to. The science fiction-themed plotline is your usual nonsense, involving a galaxy-spanning war between various races, but really it's all just a big excuse for some serious blowing up of things and is best ignored. Much of what follows is familiar stuff if you've ever played a similar game before, with a campaign that sees you progressing through a series of missions, controlling various units and engaging in battle with the enemy, while mining resources, building up bases and so on. There are a few mechanics which were claimed to be groundbreaking, such as the ability to terraform landscapes, and a sort of shield which gave the game its title, but to be honest, they're not quite as game-changing as the makers would have you believe. If you are looking for a new sci-fi RTs, then Perimeter certainly isn't a bad choice. It gets most things right, with decent controls, solid missions and a nice blend of unit types, while the visuals are pleasant if not exactly spectacular. The environments aren't really anything we haven't seen before but there's a good level of detail and some nice explosions. There's little that's really wrong with Perimeter, it just isn't the masterpiece it was claimed to be.

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