Arcade 1995 Dos Dosbox Pixel Painters Arkanoid style Single screen

A true arcade style addictive game

This game can be termed as great duplicate to the Paranoid but has some very good new features which are very exciting for an addictive arcade game. The game is though not a glorious one but has a sense of addictiveness to it which is induced through its classic puzzles incorporated in the arcade style. It involves some more blocks with their very unique and classic puzzle patterns and you now have rockets instead of balls. The other new addition is the enemy machines that will be shooing your rockets. The plot is the same and that is to solve the puzzles and to destroy colored blocks. But it's no way as simple as it sounds because the computer this time is very competitive and will mingle you with some obstacles and blocks that it will really test your skills to achieve the goal that you have. It's much more intensive than ever before and has a great cult to it. There is great collection of games with the same theme but it meets high standards like those set by games such as Paranoid. The graphics in the game are not very appreciating but it's the addictive gameplay that takes all the stars.

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