Emergency Room 2

Puzzle 1999 Windows Legacy Strategic scope Action based

Doctor! Over here!

There's quite a number of Emergency Room games out there, and although they're far from perfect, they actually provide some quite enjoyable medical-themed entertainment for any would-be doctors or nurses out there. This one suffers a bit in the presentation stakes, with a lack of immersion due to its low budget feel but the essential gameplay is varied and fun, making worth a look if you want to brush up on your operating skills. You start out as a lowly medical student at a busy hospital and must work your way up the ranks to become a first class doctor. You begin with the easy cases, which just require a bit of research and some accurate diagnosing, but it's not long before you move on to more serious problems, like broken bones, blunt force trauma and eventually gunshot wounds and major accident victims. There's more than 100 cases to try your skills at, with a dizzying array of real world medical gear to help or hinder your efforts, while there's also plenty of FMV sequences of the patients and your colleagues to add to the sense of immersion. It doesn't quite work however, as there's a lack of detail and variety in other elements that takes away from these efforts and you are often reminded this isn't the biggest budget affair. However, the variation in medical activities is good and there's plenty here to keep you on your toes. There's a genuine sense of tension as you examine your patients and struggle to come up with the best treatment and it fives you a good idea of what being a doctor must really be like. The game isn't perfect but for a fun introduction to the world of medicine, this is a good bet.

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