Emergency Room: Life or Death

Puzzle 2000 Windows Legacy Strategic scope Action based

Get me 50cc of hypergloxin! Stat!

There's a number of Emergency Room titles on the market, including Code Red and Code Blue along with the ones which adopt the standard name. They're all broadly similar, being detailed but entertaining medical simulators which make an interesting addition to any collection which includes Theme Hospital. Life or Death is very similar in concept to those which have gone before, but it adds in fifty new cases to test your skills, so even if you have played an earlier installment, there's still much to enjoy here. As usual, you start out as a novice in a new hospital, where you sign in and get introduced to your new workplace. Very soon though, you find yourself faced with some cases which will require your best medical thinking. The cases and patients start out fairly simply, but you'll still have to question them carefully and use the right equipment to help them out. Things soon escalate though and you'll be performing some pretty complex medical procedures and taking on some tough cases which will really stretch you. For the most part, Life or Death is a pretty entertaining, if serious, experience. It lacks the humor of other less serious medical sims, but this is a good thing as it makes the game feel quite authentic and realistic. It's helped by a simple to use interface and the abundance of information which is included. This can be a little daunting, so if you are expecting something a bit breezy, you might be disappointed. If however, you want a proper medical sim which shows you the ropes but without all the blood and dying, this is a good bet.

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