Puzzle 2000 Windows Blackeye Software Humorous Strategic scope Action based

Very entertaining and fun action

It is an action game which has a very unique theme and a very good and fun gameplay. The plot or the catch here is that you are a young kid and you need to engage in snow throwing battles with other kids that are large in numbers. Not only you have to attack them with the snow, but will also need to defend yourself. For the purpose of defending, built structures such as snow blocks and snowmen. For attacking the kids and winning the game, you can built snow catapults and other things to throw the snow. As you progress in the game or advance on in levels, the speed and the number of the kids on the screen increases and this makes the gameplay even more tough and competitive. All the level designs are unique and interactive and they have their varied difficulty level. The user interface has been very well designed and this allows the player to easily grip the gameplay. Though the graphics are cartoon style, but they have been perfectly designed and look quite cute and colorful. The controls are smooth as well. The game is thoroughly addictive and fun. Other action games like Monospace have the same degree of fun and are good to have in your collection.

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