Empire Earth 3

Strategy 2007 Windows Rebellion Real time Trade or management Building Historical


Empire earth 3 is a real-time strategy game release by Mad Doc Software in 2007 that haven't got too successful because some of the features EE3 changed or downgraded. The game introduces several new units and weapons and a new campaign structure similar to other real time strategy games such as Rise of Nations, the campaign being controlled from an orbital view of the world. Unfortunately, the number of civilization and epochs has been reduced drastically, now being 3 civilizations/factions (Western, Middle-Eastern and Far-Eastern) which incorporate many of the civilizations found in Empire Earth 2, and there are also only five epochs remaining (Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern, and Future) which diminish the fame for which Empire Earth series is renowned (the great number of epochs). Mad Doc software opted for achieving a more cartoonish look for the units which got a negative feedback from the general public. More bad features include failed artificial intelligence and pathfinder. Overall, you might be irritated playing this game but who knows, you might like it.

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