Action 2002 Windows Starbreeze Studios Third Person 3D action adventure Role playing Adventure Fantasy Rpg

Difficult, but worth playing

Enclave is fantasy action game released in 2002 by Starbreeze Studios, a company well-known for its large and creative productions. The action is set in the medieval era in a land devastated by magic forces. You can play one character out of seven, each with different special skills and equipment. The missions are interesting, the graphics are breathtaking and the sound effects are very good. For a suitable protection, you will have various weapons at your disposal: armors, swords, bows, lances, staffs, and even potions. As you proceed, more items become available. I was bothered by the inability to save whatever I wanted, because the checkpoints are set to be found in the game. This was annoying, especially when you escape from a difficult battle, and the next thing you want to do is to save your progress, but this is impossible. And in the worst cases, when you die, the level must be replayed, which leads to a massive loss of time. Because of this aspect, you either really love it, or really hate it, with high chances of throwing your controls, in deep frustration. The game has two campaigns, the light one and the dark one. The second will be unlocked only when the light campaign is completed. Despite its flaws, this game is worth playing, fur sure! Everyone whom I recommended Enclave were amazed by it, and that's why this game is noteworthy among its competitors from that time.

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