Action 1997 Windows SEGA Third Person 3D action adventure

Has many issues

Vigilance is a shooting action game released in 1997 by Segasoft, where the first-person perspective is combined with the third-person perspective. You play as a SION recruit, that has to annihilate the terrorist forces and their dark actions. The SION agents possess their own strengths and weaknesses related to speed, stealth, armor, sniper, demolitions, and others. I, personally, love first-person shooters, because they are smooth and fun, but something stopped me from enjoying this game. It was just frustating to play. The performance is low, the graphics are horrible, the animations need high improvements, and the gameplay fails to offer a great experience. There are 21 weapons you can use, and you can unlock them and more as you proceed. Despite its oldness, the system requirements of the game are high and pretentious: you will need a lot of RAM, more exactly 64 RAM, especially because of the long levels. If your computer has less than that , it will take a lot of time to load the game. A good option added to the game that makes the action more exciting is the possibility to shoot enemies when you climb on the ladder. As a conclusion, Vigilance could have been a satisfying game, but its issues prevents it to rise above the games of the same genre.

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