Hitman: Contracts

Action 2004 Windows Eidos Third Person 3D action adventure Tpp Stealth

An action game full of suspense

Hitman: Contracts is the third game of the Hitman series, released in 2004 and developed by Eidos, one of my favorite videogame industry leader. This business began with the idea of two brothers, and from then, everything is history. I have to say I really enjoyed the series, especially this one. It attracts you even from the beginning, because of its suspense, its full of action missions that come with a greater collection of weapons. I was excited especially by the undercover missions, with hand-to-hand combat fighting. I am fan of these techniques used in videogames and I played it with much delight. The various backgrounds where the character is placed represent perfectly the dark side and the drama of the situations you have to face. The details are brutal and the graphics are realistic and beautifully outlined. Also, I was into the main character, too. I found the Agent 47 attractive and mysterious. I tried to ignore the fact that he is bald, but still, he is quite appealing. The story concentrates on the gloomy psychology that a paid assasin is dealing with. The agent is trapped in difficult stages that make him believe every second could be the last. You will definitely love this innovative and strategic game.

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