O.D.T. - Escape... Or Die Trying

Action 1998 Windows Psygnosis Third Person 3D action adventure

A dark survival thriller action game

Imagine Lara Croft in a darker, more twisted world, where she has to face both platformer type challenges as well as fight a lot of monsters, third person style, in a 3D world. Those are the underpinnings of O.D.T. - Escape... Or Die Trying. The game basically goes to create a level/mission based exploration intensive experience, where monsters are hidden at all corners. But, to give O.D.T. what rightfully belongs to it, the game is far from canonical, blindly following a recipe. So expect quite a few turns of pace, lots of puzzle challenges, most of which make use of the levels, rather than transporting you to a different kind of interactivity thing. Also, the game does a great job at producing a world that never stays the same throughout, if, in one mission you will be haunted by tons of monsters, the next might be more platforming oriented. Well, polished, though not without bugs and inconsistencies, O.D.T. - Escape... Or Die Trying is sure worth playing. Have one of them Tomb Raider games close by if you get tired of darkness, but still want some high profile shenanigans at the helm of a likeable female protagonist!

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