Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Capstone Shooter

Full motion capture interactive adventure, kind of bad...

I don't really think there was ever a motion capture game that was good, or good in the same sense that you'd think of a game created digitally, through the classic ways. I mean, I don't think it really impressed anyone that you showed them video bits and at times you asked the players to interact with something, as that interactive bit could only be so interactive, a button press advancing the story in a way or the other, you know, a decision making kind of deal. But, whatever this game has Shatnervision all over it! Yep, it features Mr. Shatner from Star Trek (the original series, newbies!), and in between bits where his mug talking (!) takes center stage and the more classical action bits, it's a potpourri of elements that only a Shatner fan will really love. All the others will probably see it as a sort of joke, especially those that are not used to the production values of the mid 90s, (though, yeah, truth be told, this isn't some high value AAA game, nope it was kind of a B type thing from the getgo!). So yeah, if Shatner can't save your game, I really don't know what will! If you're somehow into a motion capture type phase of gaming, rather see The Last Express who's rotoscoping thing lead the game to be quite one of a kind visually.

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