Puzzle 1997 Windows Cards

Card based game that needs the social element

Scopa is a card game that is known and seemingly popular in Italy. The game plays best socially, as a big part of the tradition is to use swear words and curse banter while dealing. However, this sim of the real game seems like a pretty decent recreation of the original, lest for the social aspect. So, if you want to learn the rules of the game or practice them, with this sim you will get that. The game is however lacking in a proper section that teaches all the basics about the game, but you can guess them as you play. Although the game also has a portion that has to do with chance, most of the outcomes possible in the game happen only if you use some strategic thinking to better your chances. So, if you want to try a sort of poker but as developed by the Italians and also adopted by the Brazilians, this 1997 game will teach you the basics and will treat you to a few games. But this is particularly a social game that requires a dose of real human interaction, so its extent is mainly as a tutorial kind of game.

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