Europa Universalis III

Strategy 2007 Windows Paradox Interactive Alternate History Medieval Trade or management Military and historical strategy

Conquer the world, or watch others do it

Europa Universalis III is such a grand game that i find it hard to even start writing about it. Honestly, it could take me days to write about its many features. So, let's stick to the important bits. Game is set in middle age Europe, between 15th and 18th century. You start as a ruler of your chosen kingdom, fiefdom or principality. If you don't consult the tutorial game provides, you're in for a rough challenge. Game is so complex and huge that it takes hours to master even the basics. And in this sequel the developer tried to make the learning curve as mild as possible (unlike Europa Universalis 2). Even so, it is really really challenging game. The object of the game is not strictly set, like in some other similar-scope strategic games. Rather, it is up to you to steer the fate of your kingdom one way or another. And believe me, once your neighbors start pounding you with treaties, proposals, inults and similar fun stuff, you will be at a loss. But, have no fear. Once you manage to figure out what to do, you will discover exactly how much this game has to offer. All of you who wanted to become the next Napoleon Bonaparte will be able to achieve just that. Or, maybe, you just like to see the serfs suffering. It is up to you. Music is great, sound as well. Graphics, on the other hand, are non-existent, so to speak. You have your map of Europe and a bunch of menus to control your nation. It is all nicely done, and the overall aesthetics are pleasing. Highly recommend to all RTS fans.

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